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Experience Aggregated Buying Power  

Group Purchasing Solutions Overview

Pricing is a volume based game.  Every company knows that if they just spent a little more with their supplier, they’d get a lower price.  Well, that’s exactly what GPS does for its member companies.  We add up the spend of all of our members to get them the best price available – with no time wasted negotiating!

How we develop group purchasing opportunities

With the guidance of our members, GPS has selected major indirect and commodity spend categories to develop group purchasing “offers”.  After researching the category, top suppliers are required to quote on the total buying potential of our membership.  GPS contracts directly with the supplier offering the best overall terms and conditions for the diverse customer base we provide them.

Why do suppliers give us great group pricing?

With over a dozen years of group purchasing experience and the combined buying power of  two premiere GPOs, suppliers know they are partnering with GPS for the long term.  They appreciate that our members understand the value of group purchasing is not just about saving money – it removes the need for annual repetitive negotiations.

GPS also provides its Supplier Partners with a ready-made marketing channel of satisfied customers where they can communicate their value proposition and drive awareness of new offerings.  They understand the importance of having their offering  associated with other tier one suppliers in complementary categories on their personalized web pages.


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