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We’re looking to save your business time and money across the entire breath of operations

Our Mission

Group Purchasing Solutions’ (GPS) mission is to be our members’ trusted resource for indirect products and services. GPS is committed to reducing operational costs of its trade association and small business members through our unique portfolio of negotiated, highly leveraged agreements with the nation’s most renowned suppliers.

Our Leadership

New Picture (5)Group Purchasing Solutions president Darryl Buck is a procurement executive and subject matter expert on corporate organizations with more than 25 years of experience. Prior to running Group Purchasing Solutions, Mr. Buck launched and grew the CapOneSource™ Alliance into a thriving trade association serving the needs of the semiconductor industry.

Other experience includes: Marketing and business planning executive positions at Lam Research and Applied Materials; Global business development roles at Montedison, Ferro, BASF and Celanese; Founding member of SACMA, an association serving corporate aerospace industry providers

Darryl has Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Business Management from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of California – Berkeley.

Our Methodology

Group Purchasing Solutions prides itself in our unique approach to supporting the needs of our select business sectors. Over a dozen years of experience have taught us that our success stems from our Supplier Partner trust in us to truly support their growth. This trust leads to higher pricing discount and specialized service terms usually reserved for huge enterprise customers.

When GPS selects a category, we go directly to one of the market “A” players to understand where we can support their corporate objectives. The relationships we establish create the foundation for comprehensive, direct pricing agreements that members can participate in knowing their needs are being fully addressed. Yearly category RFP’s become a thing of the past.

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