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For Group Purchasing Solutions, Partners are our strongest assets. They are the foundation for both our members and offers. GPS “Affiliate Partners” trust GPS to deliver a valuable benefit to their members, while GPS “Supplier Partners” trust that we bring them a solid source of new potential customers.

Affiliate Partners

Industry trade associations, both for-profit and non-profit, as well as, other types of member-driven institutions partner with GPS to strengthen their overall value proposition without incurring additional overhead. Our turnkey solution affords our Affiliate Partners the flexibility to design a cost saving program tailored to maximize the potential for acquisition and renewal of accounts. All with no set –up or ongoing fees.

Affiliates Partners benefit from:

  • Years of trade association members services experience
  • Simple integration with their other member benefits
  • Selected offer categories most relevant to their constituents
  • Premiere suppliers who have contracted directly with GPS
  • An additional value proposition to minimize dues barriers
  • Reduced membership churn

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Supplier Partners

GPS suppliers have one thing in common: they value our capability to drive customer prospects into their sales funnel. Through our unique combination of marketing automation tools and personal member touch, GPS is able to deliver more than just “warm leads”. Our Supplier Relations process has been proven to reduce sales funnel drop-out.

Supplier Partners benefit from:

  • Over a dozen years of purchasing groups experience
  • The strength from merging two premiere GPOs
  • Personalized web presence
  • Choices for lead direction
  • Industry and member size targeting
  • Tools for targeting prospects based on buying patterns
  • A forum for delivering valuable marketing content.

Supplier Partner Requirements:

  • National reach – both sales and delivery
  • Web presence – Product/service information and access
  • Partner champion – Relationship accountability

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